Why is there a shortage of Propylene Glycol?

Posted by Just Vape 247 on 25th Jun 2021

Why is there a shortage of Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a synthetic food additive that belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol. Other names it is known by include; Monopropylene Glycol or Methyl Ethyl Glycol. Propylene Glycol is used in a huge range of industries from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to agriculture, food and of course the vaping industry.

Although the demand for Propylene Glycol is very high from a range of fast growing industries, unfortunately the raw materials to manufacture Propylene Glycol are sparse. There is currently a worldwide shortage, not to mention the Covid-19 Pandemic where manufacturers had to close for periods of time, this also has had a huge impact on the production of Propylene Glycol.

What does this mean for vaping?

Unfortunately we are seeing the price of Propylene Glycol fluctuate massively with the cost per litre at a all time high. As this is an on going event it's hard to predict what will happen but a rise in the cost of e liquids, propylene glycol based flavour concentrates and shortfills is expected.

What about Vegetable Glycerin?

This of course will not affect Propylene Glycol intolerant vapers out there. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) prices are steady and we do not expect to see a change in Vegetable Glycerin prices.

There is no better time than the present to switch over to 100% Vegetable Glycerin based e liquids. Here at Just Vape 247 we pride ourselves on being the home of VG flavours, with over 300 different flavour concentrates to choose from.

As Vegetable Glycerin is thick and gloopy, it can cause your e-cigarette coils to clog and then burn. Adding 10-20% of distilled water to a high Vegetable Glycerin e liquid makes it thinner allowing it to run through e cigarettes more efficiently. Distilled Water mixed into Vegetable Glycerin is also known as Aqueous Glycerine (AG).

We always recommend adding distilled water or using AG Base Mix when mixing PG free e liquids. To speed up the DIY mixing process, we are happy to announce our range of VG flavours are now available in Aqueous Glycerine base too. You can select either VG or AG base when adding a flavour concentrate to your shopping cart.

If you currently do not mix your own e liquids, not to worry we also have our own range of VG only shortfills. You can choose any VG base flavour from our website and we can mix this into a shortfill for you. You can check this product out here

Shortfills are pre-mixed flavour and base mix with room left in the bottle to add nicotine. You simply unscrew/flip out the lid and squirt in your nicotine shots to make a full e liquid. All our shortfills come with FREE nicotine shots and our range of VG shortfills are made with distilled water to ensure vaping PG free e liquids doesn't mean your coils will clog and burn. 

Any chnages on the availability of Propylene Glycol will be updated in this blog.