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What is Vaper's Tongue and how to cure it

What is Vaper's Tongue and how to cure it

Posted by Just Vape 247 on 15th Aug 2018

What is Vaper's tongue? How do you fix it? These are the two questions we aim to answer for you in this vape blog. 

Vaper's tongue is a phrase you may have read online in e liquid forums or heard said in you local vape shop or maybe you Googled "I can't taste my e liquid anymore" whatever the case may be, you have stumbled upon this blog to find out.

Vaper's tongue is a condition where unexpectedly your e liquid has a diminished taste. This can be confusing when you have all the same set up, changed your coil and your even vaping the same e liquid you always do. Vapers who are dealing with this condition, could experience no taste at all, a diminished taste or the e liquid just "not tasting right".

So why does this happen? Not every vaper will experience Vaper's Tongue but it usually occurs after a long period of consistent and sustained vaping. The onset of these symptoms might not be obvious straight away, it is usually a gradual onset of diminished flavour perception over time however at some point loss of taste completely can occur.

Now you know you aren't alone in having this dreaded condition, how do you fix it? There are many different methods out there from smelling fresh brewed coffee, drinking an ice cold glass of water or even brushing your tongue and teeth. WIth those being said, we have found the quickest and most popular way of curing vaper's tongue is to change your e liquid and vape a menthol based flavour.

We have created a brand called Vaper's Tongue Flavours™, these flavour concentrates are the menthol blast you will need to reset your taste buds and get back to vaping your all day vape. Not sure how to mix your own e liquids? Click here for DIY e liquid mixing kit or you can purchase a 10ml menthol e liquid from your local vape shop. We recommend you vape a menthol base e liquid for 1-2 days before going back to your usual e liquid. This for many vaper's tongue sufferers can cure it in no time. Check out Vaper's Tongue flavours here

So there you go, you aren't alone but hopefully you'll be back to your all day vape in no time.