Mixing E liquids With Enhancers/Additives what are they

Mixing E liquids With Enhancers/Additives what are they

Posted by Just Vape 247 on 6th Feb 2018

Mixing With Enhancers/Additives

This blog will give new mixers some information about how to mix eliquids using enhancers/additives and what each additive/enhancer is and does

Using an additive/enhancer can really change and improve e liquid recipes 


There are three types; Sucralose, Ethyl Maltol & Erythritol


⦁The most popular enhancer, mostly found in shop bought e liquids

⦁The three most common brands are Capella's Super Sweet, The Flavor Apprentice (TFA)'s Sweetener, Flavor West (FW)'s Sweetener & Kandi Hed's Sweetener which also comes in a VG base

⦁These come already diluted in Propylene Glycol (PG)

⦁Can be used with any flavours

⦁Per 10ml of flavour (not e liquid) add 1-2 drops of sweetener

Ethyl Maltol

⦁Ethyl Maltol (EM) or Cotton Candy flavour concentrate

⦁It's a great way to make certain flavors within a recipe a touch sweeter, turning them into a more candy like flavour

⦁Best used with non-citrus flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry & Mango

⦁Ethyl Maltol can be purchased in a 10% diluted solution or as a Cotton Candy flavouring like TFA/FW Cotton Candy

⦁Can be bought in a powder form where you can dilute it into PG yourself

⦁To dilute yourself use 10% powder and the rest Propylene Glycol, shake contents well until fully dissolved. To speed up process put bottle in a bowl of warm water (this is called giving it a warm bath)

⦁Per 10ml of flavour (not e liquid) add 2-3 drops of sweetener


⦁This is a sweetener made from sugar-alcohols that works in the same way as Sucralose

⦁But what makes this ingredient so excellent is that it extremely heat stable meaning it can last at much higher temps than Sucralose

⦁This means that it won't completely ruin your coils as fast as Sucralose does

⦁Erythritol a super effective sweetener for those who use tanks, or don't change wicks often

⦁Erythritol can be bought from any supermarket or online, usually comes in granules and will need to be diluted into Propylene Glycol the same way as Ethyl Maltol

You can always add the granules/powder into your e liquid and dilute using a warm bath however this will mean your steeping process will take longer, it is always quicker to already have pre-diluted sweeteners ready

Other Enhancers

Acetyl Pyrazine

⦁Acetyl Pyrazine (AP) is a compound that adds a nutty, bready, flavour to recipes while also bringing out a more grainy texture. So cookies, cereals, any recipe with some sort of "grainy" texture benefit from the use of Acetyl Pyrazine

⦁Using AP this way is a bit more tricky , if you use too much of this flavour you will end up adding too much of that bready and grainy flavour in your mix which can completely ruin the whole recipe

⦁You can buy AP from the brand TFA or Kandi-Hed

Malic & Citric Acid (Sour)

⦁These two compounds are for more of the advanced mixers to use. What Malic and Citric acid do is allow certain aromas to have a little more of that tart and sour flavour come out of certain ingredients

⦁Adding Malic and Citric isn't going to give you this wonderfully tart and sour experience in your vape, but they do it in a more subtle and light way

⦁Citric acid is a tool that not many people use because of its muting properties. It's way too finicky to be practical in any mix. This is mainly due to the amount of citric that's already in many of the tart and sour flavours

⦁Malic acid is the same way, but doesn't have as much muting power as citric does. TFA Sour or Kandi Hed Sour is the exact same thing as Malic Acid, so you can just pick up that if you want a tool that will give you those profiles

⦁These should exclusively be used in fruit and candy mixes where having a tarter flavour will benefit the recipe. In anything else such as bakeries or desserts, it will just ruin the mix

⦁Use very conservatively

Triacetin (Smooth)

⦁Triacetin, MTS Vape Wizard, and TFA Smooth all generally do the same thing. They add somewhat of a thicker and smoother feeling to your mixes

⦁They only give a very subtle change but can be used to smooth out any rough notes in a mix, I usually add 1-2 drops when mixing a custard flavour from scratch


⦁It's a single aroma taken straight from the vanilla ingredient

⦁The best way I can describe this tool is thinking it's like vanilla extract

⦁The difference between Vanillin and a vanilla flavouring is that you can't layer in the Vanillin, where you can with a vanilla flavouring. So say you have a strawberry cream flavor and you want to add a touch of vanilla either on the back or in the front, well then Vanillin is not what you want to use. What the Vanillin will do is give your entire mix a vanilla property that you'll taste throughout the entire vape

⦁You can buy TFA's Vanillin or Kandi Hed's Vanilla Bean Deluxe

⦁Use very conservatively

Menthol & Koolada

⦁Everyone knows what menthol is. It's a minty flavouring with an extremely cool and refreshing sensation

⦁Koolada does exactly what menthol does, but doesn't really carry that minty flavour menthol has

⦁These two are also the ingredients that will give you the most notable effect on your recipe, where all the other ones are very subtle

⦁Adding even a drop or two of menthol or koolada will completely change the flavour of your mixes

⦁Menthol usually comes in a PG base, but you can also purchase crystals if you want more control of your concentrations (dilute the same as sweetener granuals & powder)

⦁Koolada comes in a PG base

⦁TFA's Koolada, Kandi Hed's Koolada & Flavor West's Kool Effects

⦁Be conservative

⦁This enhancer is great with fruits and vaping menthol will get rid of vapours' tongue